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BENER Hans Jacob[rupp-129] 
BENNERConrad25 Oct 1748
BENNERGeorge"Mary Finley (Jan 7, 1772) assigned by John Adam Schwaab to GEORGE BENNER of Middle Town."
(same record of servants as tepp-181 record)
BENNERHans George19 Nov 1771
"Ship TYGER, Georg Johnston, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes."
BENNERJohan Christian23 Sep 1751
BENNERJohannes20 Sept 1743
"Foreigners imported in the ship LYDIA, James Abercrombie, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes"
[rupp- 161]
BENNERJohannes21 Oct 1754
"Ship BANNISTER, John Doyle, Captain, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. Inhabitants from Wirtemberg, Westphalia and the Palatinate - 4 Roman Catholics."
BENNERJohannes13 Oct 1766
"Ship BETSEY, John Osmond, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. 154 passengers."
BENNERJohannes31 Oct 1771
"Brigantine RECOVERY, ___ Bull, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes."
BENNERJohannes"Hanover Twp - Johannes Benner, 50"
"465 naems of Dutch, German and French Inhabitants of Phila. Cty. who owned land and paid quit rents priot to 1734" [rupp-473]
BENNERJohanneslaast from Rotterdam, servant to Henry Fancy of Providence Township, Philadelphia County." dated 5 Dec 1772. Taken from "Record of Servants and apprentices bound and assigned before Hon. John Gibson, Mayor of Philadelphia, 5 Dec 1772 - May 21, 1773."
original book in mss. Dept of Hist. Soc of Pa)
BENNERLudwig17 Oct 1749
BENNERLudwigRockhill Township, Bucks County" [hock-86] 
BENNERPeterRockhill Township, Bucks County." [hock-86] 
DANNERJacob16 Dec 1750 - "Jacob Danner, a wheelwright's son from Schaffhausen, arrived in this country last year. His brother Johann Georg arrived this year and seeks Jacob. Johan Georg is with Christian BENNER in Franconia Township, Montgomery County." [hock-23] 
DANNERJacob16 April 1757 - "Jacob Danner, Long Swamp, Berks County."

Code-pageSource of Information
rupp30,000 Names of Immigrants - Rupp
teppEmigrants to Pennsylvania - 1641 - 1819 by Michael Tepper
A consolidation of ship passenger lists from the Pa. magazine of historical bios.
hockGeneral Data Relating To The German Settlers of Pa and Adjacent Territory - Hocker
From Advertisements in German Newspapers Published In Philadelphia and Germantown 1743-1800

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