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Ode To A Genealogist!

I received a letter from you today,
And eagerly I sat to read away,
I scoured the pages and discovered that you,
Had found an ancestor of mine or two.

The feeling I felt overwhelmed me so,
And was something that you helped grow,
I thank YOU so dearly for taking the time,
To further my research and save ME the time.

Then with deep gratitude I sat down to write,
To express my thank you's to you that night,
But, alas, my child was crying for me,
To scare away monsters that she could see.

Day after day the time slipped away,
As I cared for my home and my dear family,
Days turned to months and time passed me by,
Until I realized almost a year had gone by.

I'm sorry, my friend, to discourage you this way,
But I honestly did try to write you that day,
I will write soon and tell you, my friend,
How much your letter cheered me no end.

Jayne McHugh
St. Catharines, Ontario. Canada

My thanks to Jayne for allowing me to share this with others. It certainly expresses my sentiments. How many letters have we all failed to respond to in a timely manner due to other obligations which were more important at the time....

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