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About Nancy

I am the mother of three children. Honey Darlene, my oldest daughter, is the mother of three boys, Jimmy, Jonathan, and Jeremy. They range in age from 14-19. Vist Darlene's Page here but be patient... it's graphics intensive and will take a while to load. My other daughter, Tina Marie, has three boys and a girl, Billy, Brandon, Justina and Gregory, ranging in age from 13-18. Justina, or Laurie as grandma calls her, is my pride and joy... naturally, since she is my only granddaughter, I don't spoil her any. hehehe My only son, Donald, died in 1990 at the age of 22.

I was born in Cripple Creek, a small gold mining town snuggled high in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the oldest of 3 children of Earle Roger and Lola Lee (Pitt) Spicer. Following my birth, my mother and grandmother moved to California, (my grandfather had died in 1932 when my mother was a child), probably to be close to my fathers family, since he was in Europe fighting in the war. My father died in 1949 and my mother and grandmother left California and returned to Colorado with 3 small children.

I never really knew any of my fathers family, and my mother only had one sister. Following the death of my mother in 1964 and my grandmother in 1974, the only family I had left, with the exception of my brother and sister, was an aunt, and 2 cousins I hadn't seen since 1955.

About the time my grandmother died, I became interested in trying to learn something about my family, and I began asking questions of my aunt, seeking the smallest tidbit of information she could supply me with. Today, 20+ years later, I have found hundreds of relatives on both sides of my family and have extended my ancestry back many, many generations.

I don't have a connection to Hopkins County except thru my wonderful husband, Howard. We were married in 1987 and moved to Madisonville, Hopkins County, Kentucky so he could be near his elderly parents. Howard is a long distance truck driver and has been for more years than I like to say... let me just say there weren't even drivers licenses when he first began trucking (smile). Naturally I had to start researching his family too. I discovered that many of his ancestors had come to Hopkins County in the early 1800's, before Hopkins County was even formed, most of them having very large families... and most of them stayed here. As a result, I think he is kin to at least half of the people here in one way or another. As a result, my Hopkins County database has several thousand individuals in it... and I'm wanting to add more!!!

Today, Howard and I live out in the county on approximately 120 acres. Our new home sits on the top of a hill, nestled amongst the trees. We have, at last count, 18 horses that keep me quite busy [have had 3 new colts in 1999], and we enjoy riding with our family and friends when we have time.

I recently bought a digital camera and have been playing with it... Some interesting results!

I am also kept very busy with my participation in the USGenWeb, KyGenWeb, and GenConnect query system.

Nancy Trice / Hopkins Co, Ky
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