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Early Connecticut Marriages
As Found On Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800


Bailey's Table of Contents gives the name and location of the church and his book page number. I have included the page numbers here in case anyone wants to refer to the original book.

Typical entries by Bailey:

William Stewart & Anner Coats, Sept 25, 1774
Nathaniel Church of Charlestown, R.I., & Dorcas Austin, Dec 2, 1780
Levi (negro) & Sinne Derrick, May 9, 1781

Bailey also included a short description of the church at the beginning of each list. I will include those comments on this page.

In computerizing the marriages, I have changed the format to the following:

Groom Surname, First name
Bride Surname, First name
Added a comment field for each. This field includes all comments from the original such as Dr.; Capt., Widow, etc, as well as where the person was from if given.
A record comment field. This field will include any comments given for the record as a whole.

My personal interest in Connecticut is in New London County which is why I have started with that county [I'll try to add the other churches and counties when I have time].

I have put up the files in 3 formats... sorted by date, which is how they are listed in the book... and sorted by both groom and bride for easy searching.


New Haven, First Church 7
New Haven, Second Church25
Ashford, Windham County 29
Brooklyn, Windham County 34
Haddam, Middlesex County 44
Stonington, North, New London County, 1733-1781
Town was taken from Stonington in 1807. The Congregational Church was organized in 1727, being then the second church of Stonington. Records complete to 1781.

After Rev. Joseph Fish's death, May 16, 1781, sixteen days after performing the last marriage recorded, the church was practically without a pastor until 1800. The records are confused. No marriages recorded after 1781.
Norfolk, Litchfield County 63
Montville, New London County, 1724-1738
Town was taken from new London 1786. The first Congregational Church was organized in 1722 at Oakdale, being then in the North district of New London. The second church in 1832 at Mohegan. The following are the records of the Oakdale church and are all that exist.
Redding, Fairfield County 70
Pomfret, Windham County 76
East Haddam, Millington, Middlesex County 82
Saybrook, Chester, Middlesex County 89
Washington, Litchfield County 95
Madison, North, New Haven County 101
Woodstock, Windham County 104
Churches Reporting Records Lost 6

Westminster, of Canterbury Windham 1770
Stamford Fairfield 1635
Coventry Tolland 1745 none before 1818
Hebron Tolland 1716 burned
Ellington Tolland 1736 lost
Sherman Fairfield 1744 burned
New Fairfield Fairfield 1742 burned
East Granby Hartford 1737
Goshen Litchfield 1740 lost
Watertown Litchfield 1739 lost
Canton Center Tolland 1750 before 1826, lost
Meriden New Haven 1729 before 1848 taken away
So. Manchester Hartford 1779
North Guilford New Haven 1725 lost
East Lyme New London 1724 lost
Lyme New London 1727 lost
West Haven New Haven 1719 before 1815, lost

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