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The Thornton Family in Missouri

The Marlowe Family in Missouri This photo was one of numerous given to me by my great-aunt, Junia Marlowe Schoenbeck, in 1984. On the back of the photo she identified the people as:

Back Row:
Uncle Ed Thornton, Frances Mother, Uncle Fred, Aunt Nell, Uncle Berg

Front Row:
Aunt Citta, Grandmother, Aunt Bess

This is confusing in that she identifies the one woman as 'Frances Mother', which would also be her mother, Mary Izetta Thornton Marlowe, wife of Finis Ewing Marlowe.

'Grandmother' is probably Mary Ophelia Dow Thornton, wife of Amos Burroughs Thornton. If so, that would date this photo as prior to 1896 since Mary Ophelia died prior to 1896. I assume then that the other men are probably all the sons of Mary Ophelia and Amos Burroughs Thornton.

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