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I believe that all of these photos have a connection to the Roberts-Collogan-Johnson families of Phillipsburg, Ks and Colorado. If you can identify any of these photos please let me know. I would like to see these photos in the possession of a descendent.
unk0001.jpg Probably from the early 1900's.
unk0002.jpg This might be Eldon Charles DeMott?
unk0003.jpg Might this be one of the Chrisman girls?
unk0004.jpg No idea who this little girl might be.
unk0010.jpg Is this the same little girl as the one above?
I believe that these are the Roberts brothers, or possibly their half-brothers, surname Thomas. The first and second were taken in Denver and the third in Wisconsin, late 1800s early 1900s.
unk0008.jpg Might this be Howard Chrisman?
unk0009.jpg This photo was made into a postcard. On the bottom it says 'Liberty' and the date appears to be '8  10  11'. The 11 might be 17 or even 16. It's very difficult to make it out. I assume that 'Liberty' is probably the name of the school. It was probably taken in south-eastern Colorado. Can you identify any of the children, the teacher, or the location?
unk0011.jpg This photo was identified by my aunt as 'Ethel Roberts', no relation to our Roberts family. If she belongs to you please let me know so I can send her home.
unk0012.jpg I left the house in this photo in case it would help identify the girls or the location.
unk0013.jpgOn the back of this photo is: "This is Arthur, Eva and the girls taken at our store last year. haven't the girls grown." Turned upside down it says "Brackeris at Chermawa Oreg May 1927." Can I send this photo home to someone?
unk0014.jpg On the back of the photo it says "Taken at Garden of the Gods". That would make it Colorado Springs. Do you recognize anyone?
unk0015.jpg Who is this good looking couple? Isn't that a pretty dog? Can I send this to someone?
unk0016.jpg Is this one of the Roberts sisters?
These 3 photos are in 1 folder, the young man on the left and the girl on the right. I have no idea who they are. Time period looks to be early 1900s. Can anyone claim them?
unk0018.jpg Who is this good looking young man?
unk0019.jpg Robert James Hamilton, Dec 1968. Can I send this home to someone?
unk0020.jpg Can anyone identify any of this family
unk0021.jpg Who is this good looking couple?
unk0022.jpg This picture is signed "To Lee. The Best Always. Dick". Lee is my mother. Who is Dick?

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