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History of the
Descendents of Peter Spicer
A Landholder in New London, Connecticut
As early as 1666, And Others of the Name.
Compiled by:
Mrs Susan Spicer Meech
Miss Susan Billings Meech

If you have been researching the Spicer surname very long and have made a connection to any Spicer in New London County, Connecticut, Jefferson County, New York, Rhode Island, and elsewhere in the New England states in the 1600-1800s, you are probably descended from Peter Spicer.

This mother and daughter lived in the New London area and most of their research is based on actual court records and is normally very accurate. Apparently they did a lot of corresponding with descendents elsewhere as well. [I can't imagine doing this in 1911 when none of the resources we have today was available to them and personally cannot thank them enough for the hundreds of hours of research they saved me.]

This book was published in 1911 and including indexes and appendix is 610 pages, so it is going to take me quite a while to get it all transcribed. The 2nd book of corrections and updates was published in 1921 and is 269 pages. We won't even talk about when I might get to that one.   ;-)

I started out posting these to the GenConnect Spicer Bios board, but with the demise of the boards as we knew them, I have since quit and am posting the info from the book here on my homepage.

Following the lines on these pages is done just as it would be if you were actually looking at the book. Each person has been given a number and you look for that number either as an adult or as a child. With these pages you have the added benefit of just clicking on the persons number or name to go to their page. If there is a person number and it is not hotlinked, it just means that I have not yet put up a page for that person. I don't have a lot of free time to work on this so what goes up is going to pretty much depend on the queries posted to the query board and the mail list [info on subscribing and links to boards found on my homepage]. I routinely try to answer queries and from now on instead of just sending the info to someone I'll put it up here... eventually I should have the entire book up here. [These books were re-published by Higginson's. If you have a copy and want to transcribe some of the lines to send me I'll get it up a lot sooner <grin, beg, grovel>]

OK. . . so here we go. I hope that you find something to help you. If you don't find your line, post a query to the mail list or the query board and I'll get the info transcribed and added here just as quickly as possible. [I do try to answer queries within 24 hours but having to also make my response into a page will take a little longer if there are a lot of queries.]

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